Itinerary – The Russian Way

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Map legend

The line between the dots (if you zoom in) : GPS track of the way we took.

The dots on the map are places where we stopped or where we plan to stop :

Green dots : Someone else found it for us (we’re assisted people)
Blue dots : Found by Internet (we’re geek people)
Purple dots : Hospitality of the locals (we’re friendly people)
Pink dots : Camp Site (we’re wild people)
Grey dots : We slept on a train/boat/bus (we’re lazy people)

Pour la version française, voir ici.

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  4. Urpo Taskinen   •  

    We are glad to see that you made your way to Cherepovetch! There we also was 5 years ago.
    If you sometime pass a Skype, please phone us. Skype urpotaskinen or phone +46 927 21002

    Urpo and Tarja

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