Karoutcho itinerary : The map !

‘Cause not everybody on earth speaks camembert and baguette…

From Copenhaguen to Lappeenranta

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Map legend

The orange track between the dots (if you zoom in a little bit) shows the way we’ve already been through.
We use a red line for the ferry crossings (from Germany to Denmark for example).

Every dot on the map (except for the orange) match with a place we stopped :

Green dots : Place where we were hosted by friends or relatives.
Blue dots : Planned on the internet (« warmshowers.org » in light blue, « couchsurfing.com » in dark blue).
Purple dots : Last minute sleep using the « knock the door » technique or by meeting someone on the way (warm place in purple, camp site in pink)
Orange dots : Places where we are looking for hosts.

You can help us !!

The orange dots are just an idea about where we’re heading to. You’ve got family, friends, old pal or relatives around, who would dare to meet french travellers, or even welcome us with a shower, a meal, or a place to sleep ? Don’t hesitate to contact ! As long as it’s not too big a detour for our legs, every contact can be very helpful !

Who are we ?

The Karoutcho team, it’s Emilie & Romain, mid-thirties, and their two bicycles. Not really cyclists, not really campers, without any sense of direction, and with a dramatically different logic… On these solid foundations, we decided in april 2014 to prepare our first bike trip with our home packed in littles bags : a 45 000 km journey around Europe and Asia ! From scratch, we prepared everything in ten months before we ride our mechanic horses !
Why biking ? Cause it’s faster than hiking ! But above all, it seems to be the best way to meet people. But still, it is just a way of travelling : the human experience is the heart of the project, much more than the sporting achievement that could lead us to ride many kilometers losing the sight of what’s really important.

The first push on the pedal was in Nantes (France) the 22/02/2015. A two years journey that will lead us through the norwegians fjords, make us cross Russia, ride down Japan and around South-asia, up to Myanmar. Then we’ll have to think about the way back… But it’s not for tomorrow !!

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  3. Simo Komulainen   •  

    Hi! I could offer you a place to sleep in Kuopio, Finland if you’re intrested.

    • Romain   •  

      Hi Simo !

      Welcome on Karoutcho !!

      Cycling is not a precise science, but we should be in Kuopio around the 7th of june.
      Great news for us if you can host us there !!

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